Prime Plan

Prime PlanIndividual Clients

Policy Benefits

i. Removal of deceased from place of death to mortuary. (30kms radius)
ii. Use of mortuary
iii. Documentation processing i.e. burial order
iv. Preparation of deceased for burial
v. Provision of 3 Tier Casket for immediate family and Flat Lid Casket for dependants
vi. Use of chapel
vii. Hearse transport to the deceased to a place of burial (anywhere in Zimbabwe)
viii. Supply of grave equipment i.e. tents and lowering machine

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Terms and Conditions

• Cover provided for as long premiums are remitted.
• Family is comprised of main member, spouse and all biological children who are single and who are
under the age of 18 or 23 years if under tertiary education including still births on commencement of
• Each additional dependant shall pay a dependant’s premium as indicated on the enrolment form
• Dependants will be any other persons other than the spouse and biological children
• Premiums are due on the first of every month.
• The policy will automatically lapse if a single premium is missed and can only be reinstated after all arrears
have been cleared
• A grace period of 15 days will be applied
• 3 months waiting period on main member/immediate family lives
• 3 months waiting period for all dependants below the age of 60 years
• 6 months waiting period for all dependants aged 60 years and above
• Immediate cover on accidental deaths
• No medical tests required at policy application
• The policyholder should provide copies of ID and birth certificate within 3 months for all insured lives to ensure contribution of cover.

Age Limits

• Main member can only be between the ages of 18 and 65 (age next birthday) at policy inception
• Children are covered up until the age of 18 or 23 for those in full time tertiary education.

Cash in lieu of funeral services

A cash in lieu of service of $200.00 will be paid to the bereaved family, in the event of funeral services having
been sought elsewhere. This will nullify all other benefits stipulated in the policy.

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