Corporate Structure

We have invested in various subsidiaries in line with our strategic goal to offer a dignified send off to your loved ones.

Doves Funeral Assurance (DFA)

The Funeral Assurance unit maintains individual and corporate policies. Doves Funeral Assurance (DFA) operates under strict compliance to regulatory requirements.

Doves Funeral Services (DFS)

The Funeral Services is responsible for carrying out all burials across the national divide.  Operating from over 27 branches, the division is responsible for all repatriations and expatriation.

Silkwood Manufacturing (SWM)

Silkwood Manufacturing supports the holding company through provision of quality coffins and caskets made in Mutare. Silkwood also does home, office and school furniture.

We pride in Our Experience

Our experienced and helpful staff members are the backbone of all we do and as such, we ensure that they are motivated and equipped to deal with the daily challenges that the funeral environment presents.

We operate 24 hours every day guaranteeing that we are available when you need us.