Claims Procedure

How our claims process works?

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In the event of death of a person or persons entitled to benefit, occurring within Zimbabwe, Doves shall be notified within 48 hours but notified in writing within 14 working days for international cover.


Doves reserves the right to make enquiries in order to satisfy itself that the deceased person was covered under the policy and shall also be entitled to call for any documents it may deem necessary.


These may include any authentic documentation confirming the death of the member which may include letter from the chief or headman. Deceased national identity card / birth certificate for children.


In the event that Doves fails to carry out any or all of the service provisions, the Doves employee handling the claim and the client will agree and confirm in writing that indeed the company has failed to provide the specified benefits.


On the strength of this documentation Doves will indemnify the client for service provided the client did not use any alternative funeral policy.

Cash in lieu

A cash in lieu of service(s) will be paid to the bereaved family in the event of funeral services having been sought elsewhere. This will nullify all other benefits stipulated in the policy except for the cash in lieu of services.


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