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How long does it take for a policy to be fully paid up?
What are you doing about people who had fully paid up policies during the zim dollar era?
Does this include the beneficiaries on the fully paid up policy?
When you say a policy has lapsed, what exactly does that mean?
If I have a group policy and I leave my job, what happens to my contribution?
What happens if I die in Mutare yet I took my policy in Bulawayo or Zvishavane?
What happens if the distance is more than 300km as stipulated in the policy document?
How come Bulawayo does not have a traditional chapel and traditional kitchen like the ones in Victoria Falls, Chitungwiza and Kwekwe?
Do we get a refund from Doves suppose if a person dies at home and we inform the police and they send a different funeral service provider to do the removal?
If I have a policy with Doves and the company that I work for offers to pay for transport, will I get a refund on transport from Doves?
How long does Doves take to pick up a body from a hospital mortuary because there have been instances where the body of a loved one has lost an ear or nose while in a hospital mortuary?
There were adverts saying that one can get a policy for $3.50 a month, but now we are being asked to pay $7.50 for a policy with a flat lid coffin.What happened to the $3.50 policy?

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