Why Choose Doves

Doves has enjoyed a favorable advantage over other players in the Funeral Assurance and Services sector because of the: 

  • Infrastructure it owns as well as a wide branch network.
  • Doves have always been the preferred service provider for state funerals because of the good service that we offer.
  • Our policies are also designed in such a way that they cater for people from all walks of the life including the extended family, an aspect which makes up african values.
  • Doves boasts of qualified and professional personnel.
  • Organizational goodwill dating back to 1902
  • Guaranteed state of the art coffins & caskets supply throughout the country
  • Dependable information and technology systems.
  • Solid financial base
  • Expeditious Claims processing (15 minutes)
  • Experience in the industry
  • Provision of conventional and traditional chapels.


Why Choose Doves

  • Large Branch Network Distribution.
  • Guaranteed state of the art coffin & casket supply throughout the country.

Dove Lifestyle Package
Doves is excited to launch its newest offering - The Dove Lifestyle Package...