About Us

About Us

Our Vision & Mission

Doves Holdings is a fully fledged funeral home that caters for your family. Established in 1902 by David John Morgan, a wheelwright and blacksmith, Doves Morgan Funeral Services, was the first professional funeral services establishment in Zimbabwe (then Rhodesia). At a mature 115 years, we are the longest established and trusted brand in funeral service provision in Zimbabwe. Our century old heritage ensures that we give you tried and tested solutions delivered in a modern way. With 26 branches countrywide, we are in your community ready to deliver prompt service. Our subsidiaries are Doves Funeral Assurance, the funeral policy administration of our business; Doves Funeral Services, who carry out the funeral services and Silkwood Manufacturing, our high quality casket manufacturing division.

Our Vision

To be the unparalleled leader in the Funeral Services Industry in Zimbabwe and the Sub-Saharan Region.

Our Mission

To provide swift, professional and high quality services in a manner that is dignified, supportive and comforting through service excellence and sensitivity to the needs of our Stakeholders.


Our Values

We are Swift and Efficient at all times

We are Polite at all times

We have Respect for all religions at all times

In our book, the Customer is King / Queen at all times

We maintain Cleanliness at all times

We give Equal opportunities for all at all times

We believe strongly in Gender equality at all times

We have Integrity at all times

We have Love for our environment at all times

We Give back to our community at all times


Our Services

Our Services

At Doves, we understand that losing a loved one is a traumatic and life changing experience. As such, we aim to make this season as bearable for the family as possible to allow you to honor your friend or family member without unnecessary anguish. We are keen to memorialize the life lived by your loved ones and give them a befitting and dignified burial, observing your religious and cultural practices and preferences. So whether you require a traditional service, a cremation, assistance in repatriations or referrals to grief support counseling, Doves will walk with you every step of the way.


Our experienced and helpful staff members are the backbone of all we do and as such, we ensure that they are motivated and equipped to deal with the daily challenges that the funeral environment presents. We operate 24 hours every day guaranteeing that we are available when you need us.


Visit our showroom to see the range of caskets you can choose from and our product range to find a funeral policy that suits your needs.



Our Structure

Corporate Governance Compliance

Corporate Governance Compliance

Doves Funeral Assurance is registered by the Insurance and Pensions Commission in terms of The Insurance Act Chapter 24:07. We are also members of the Zimbabwe Association of Funeral Assurers and  Insurance Institute of Zimbabwe. Doves Funeral Services subscribes to the National Association of Funeral Directors (UK) and (RSA).


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Our Policies

Civil Servants Plan


Special Pensioners

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ZNA Plan


Felden House, 159 Harare Street, Harare


Tel: (04) 774013/772570

Whatsapp: 0731 772 716

00731 772 714 / 08644 460000

08644 080802


Email: doves@doves.co.zw or


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